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Remember, the Greenest Energy is…

…the Energy Not Used.  Energy Efficiency is by far the best way to cut down on pollution and carbon.

Gaia Video is a video production company based in Boulder, Colorado and focused on partnering with environmental organizations and sustainable businesses to tell their stories. We produce, shoot and edit video for sustainability organizations and others interested in telling stories through video to improve life on our planet. We believe video is the most powerful tool we’ve got to get people excited about the things we’re excited about, from solar energy to environmental film festivals. I help my clients build their audiences and mobilize people to save the planet.

Rocky Thompson is also active with the Board of the Colorado Environmental Film Festival.  More information can be found at



Thanks for finding my website from Rocky Thompson on Vimeo.


Gaia Video Productions has an office in the BDA complex.  Our address is 1600 Range Street, Suite 100, Boulder 80301.



History of Rocky & video from Rocky Thompson on Vimeo.


Look for us in the ReDirect Guide.  To learn more about the ReDirect Guide, watch this video by the founder.
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